Pulau Ubin Singapore

visit Pulau Ubin, Chek Java

Pulau Ubin Singapore

Pulau Ubin Singapore generally is known as Ubin. It is an island of northeast of mainland Singapore. It is a calm place far away from the clamour of urbanization.

Wooden houses, relaxed inhabitants, rich and preserved wildlife attract many tourists who are run away from the crowded urbanisation lifestyle.

To reach Pulau Ubin Singapore, visitors may take 15 minutes ride of bumboat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal, the main island of Singapore. It’s eccentricity and charm of Pulau Ubin Singapore which makes it a magical place to travel to.

Cycle trails and footpaths criss-cross the hills used to go past disused granite quarries and traditional Kampongs (villages).

Chek Java

The main attraction of Pulau Ubin Singapore is Chek Jawa. It is a calm and soothing area where people can relax and enjoy the different ecosystem such as the rocky beach, sandy beach, seagrass lagoons, coral rubble, mangroves and coastal forests.

As different ecosystems are found here, there is plenty of natural creatures, rare plants, local and migratory birds are found. Photographers, nature lovers, students groups and others are visited to relieve the stressful lifestyle.

Pulau Ubin, Chek JavaThere is a boardwalk over 1-kilometre in length along the Coastal and Mangrove loops to see and appreciate the wonders of Chek Jawa.

Jewari Tower is 21-metre tall viewing tower gives you a bird’s eye view of the area’s unique wildlife. Nature guides can bring you on a one-hour tour to experience Chek Jawa’s amazing natural heritage.


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